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1850s Early Victorian Dog Head Bracelet, 14K, $1895

One of the most peculiar Victorian bracelets I’ve seen, and in miraculously good condition.  The bracelet centers on a large twisting form that evolves from ribbon to vine to tree branch, and then finally terminates in a dog’s head… for some reason.  It wears beautifully on the wrist and since it’s hollow construction, it feels lovely.

A lot of gold jewelry from this era is constructed with hollow forms.  It takes a very skilled jeweler to produce jewelry in this way, but it made efficient use of gold, which was very expensive through much of the 19th century.  The unfortunate thing about pieces of this style is that they were extremely prone to denting, and often don’t survive.  Amazingly this bracelet has only a couple very tiny dings.  

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One of those rare moments that I feel like posting a selfie.

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Alphonse Mucha

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The Blood Moon :: (Timothy Green)

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A Riot in the Garden by Dozydotes on Flickr.

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The Wish (The Fortune Teller) Theodor von Holst ca. 1840

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